Accelerated C++ Solution to Exercise 7-0

Exercise 7-0

Compile, execute, and test the programs in this chapter.


In Chapter 7 of the textbook there are 3 core concepts / programs introduced. For ease of documentation I shall dice this up into 3 parts as followings – simply click the hyperlink to drill down to see the post corresponding to the particular part.

Exercise 7-0 (Part 1 / 3): The Count-word Program.Relating to section 7.2 of the textbook (page 124-126). Use associative arrays to count words – in this particular exercise, we shall use the map from the standard library.

Exercise 7-0 (Part 2 / 3): The Cross-reference Program. Relating to section 7.3 of the textbook (page 126-129). Use associative arrays to find all the lines that refer to each word in the input.

Exercise 7-0 (Part 3 / 3): The Gen-sentence Program. Relating to section 7.4 of the textbook (page 129-136). One of my personal favourite. Use a combination of associative arrays and random number generator to generate a set of random sentences, based on a set of predefined Grammar Rules.


Koenig, Andrew & Moo, Barbara E., Accelerated C++, Addison-Wesley, 2000

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