Udacity – Inferential Statistics – The Hypothesis Testing Song

Have just finished the Udacity Inferential Statistics Hypothesis Testing class taught by Katie Kormanik, who has wrapped up the lesson with an awesome Hypothesis Testing Song.

(Or alternatively, this Udacity Link)

Couldn’t helped myself, I replayed the song a few time and wrote down the lyrics! (And… sang along :)

Here we go.

Hypothesis Testing
By Katie Kormanik

(This goes out to all my students from around the world…)

So you got
Some sample means
X bar is five
n is size seventeen

Is it typical
Whatcha gotta know?
For the Sampling Distribution
is the way to go.

You got the Samp-ling Dis-tri-bu-tion.
Oh na na na
So you got
Some population

Mu is one
Sigma two
You’d need the derivation
for the Standard Deviation

need motivation
it’s as simple as Pi.
Sigma divided by square root n

Cos it’s the Central…
Limit theorem…

Now find your Z
Substract the mean
and divide by S.E.
What’s the probability

It’s not alot

Less than Alpha level you