Add new Code::Block Editor Theme: Son of Obsidian

The Code::Block IDE by default only comes with one editor scheme called “default”, which is a standard white background with code syntax highlighting. I wasn’t a fan of the default theme and wondered whether there might be a way to import a readily built alternative theme without having to go through the trouble to manually create one myself.

After doing some “Google-ing” I came across this very good Code::Block Forum which led me to Pizaro’s instruction on Exporting and Importing Code::Blocks Themes and the Son of Obsidian theme config file. So I had a go using both the instruction and the theme config file.

The end result? It worked! Now in my Code::Block I have a new Son of Obsidian Theme which is much more user friendly (and cool) to work with. It has a dark background with sharper syntax highlighting.

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